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does this count as fanfiction?

There was a slight hiss as the nurse adjusted the wheel on the canister.

“Just breathe normally,” he said. “You’ll start to feel light-headed, but that’s totally normal. Just count backwards from 10.”

By 5 Rock was dizzy; by 2 he was unconscious.

“Open your eyes,” said the nurse. There were bandages over his eyes, but through the gauze Rock could make out forms against the light. He started to lift his arms but the nurse caught them, not roughly, and pushed them back to the sheets. “Don’t move around too much. You’re pretty much healed but your muscles are still very tender. You try to do too much and you’ll tear them and we’d be back where we were.”

“Hrh,” said Rock.

“Tomorrow or the day after. Dr. Light wanted to keep you sedated until you were totally healed, but Dr. Wiley overrode him. You need to get used to all the changes slowly, and invalidism’s a good handicap.”

The light clicked off and Rock was alone in the room, his left arm massive and unfamiliar.

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