Who Prefigures

Jonah didn’t intend to go over the rail but the ship lurched unexpectedly and for a second he was flying and then the waters closed over his head and he was sinking. “My god my god,” he said in his heart, “do not forsake me look in pity on this poor sinner for who shall be my surety if you are not?”

A shark came up to him half as big as the ship and a jaw longer than all of him but with no teeth at all and its eyes were tiny well the one he could see anyway was no bigger than his own. “Trouble?” it asked.

He cried out in his heart but when he tried to talk the waters rushed in warm and salty and no noise came out. Suddenly he was a lot heavier and then he wasn’t sinking anymore he was just floating. The shark brushed against him and it was soft as suede leather which surprised him. “O all your marvels,” he said in his heart and then the shark came up beneath him and its mouth was dark except for two white scars that were Greek letters chi and rho.