White skies, and unrelieved.
Ferry noise through the fog like a chorus of men’s voices, baritones.
Noise of water on rocks, seagulls.
Cry of crow, muffled, directionless, harsh.
Long grasses appear and disappear, stir and nod.
Heavy headed grasses, low by the road, watergrasses.
Marsh ground, skunkweed, ferns.
Stream through the ground, leaf-fall, tree root, rocks.
Man in dark coat on bridge, eyes heavy, face tired.
Three crows against the white sky.
Snowfall on boat deck, wind across the bow.
Dark figured huddled against railing.
Hair and scarf smeared against the sky, smudged like smoke.
Tree limbs, fire smell.
Firelight in daytime, working fire, washed out.
Smudge of smoke against white sky.
Wire aerial on green roof.
Jay bird perched on gutter edge, face against dormer window.
Two girls leaning into wind.
Grey car on road, wipers whick against windshield.
Noise of engine rattle, lost in fog.
Train engine.
Mournful hoot of whistle, wind of train.
Swingset, chain creaks against wood, damp sand.
Cigarette butts.
Dark yellow bus, number 6 painted on its side.
Geese overheard, invisible, northward.
Green of grass through brown.
Grey dust at foot of stairs, swirl of wind, dust devils.
Birdsong through snowfall.