Roy They Chained to the Tree

Oh, he’s a wild child! I have never seen a wilder!

It’s his father in him, you can see it. Look at those eyes, that jaw. He hates you.

Oh, you don’t have to tell me, don’t I know it. What a devil! Well, look, you, you devil, hate all you want. You’ll stay here until you learn to behave.

He’ll never learn that way. He’s too stubborn.

He’ll learn, or he’ll wear away into the tree. You hear that, you demon? You’d better learn, and fast, or the tree’ll swallow you up, and good riddance!

Look at him thrash! He’d love to get his hands around you.

Oh, he hates me. Like to kill me, wouldn’t you? Yahhhh, you demon! Well, you had your chance when I was a-birthing you, and that’s all you’ll get. You hear?

He’s a sly one.

Oh, you should hear him, nights. He sobs and sobs.

It breaks your heart.

Oh, he’s hard-hearted. I came out and what do you think he did?


Bit me!


Yes, just like that. Little beast!

Breaks your heart.