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Confucius Say!

with apologies to Colin, who is in the media gang, which only shoots people with cameras

Airs: Sunday, 10 PM/ET, FOX

Premiered: September 17, 2005, on UPN

Eric Shaw (Julian)
Werner Oland, Jr. (Confucius)
Shannon Pomeroy (Veronica)
Peter Felton (Mr. Nguyen)
Ben Seiler (Colin)

Premise: Eric Shaw plays Julian Newton, a street-smart student at Rilo Kiley Middle School who wakes up one day to find himself possessed by the spirit of the Chinese philosopher Confucius (Oland). The ancient sage has been sent to the inner city of Chicago to spread his doctrine of right behaviour to troubled teens and gang members.

Where we left off: In the season three cliffhanger, Veronica and Mr. Nguyen were captured by the shadowy Orange Blossom Society, prompting Julian to seek refuge with Colin and his gang. Four months have passed since then, and Julian has developed a heroin addiction in order to block Confucius from his mind. Veronica and Mr. Nguyen are being tortured by the Orange Blossoms, who are desperately seeking Confucius. Meanwhile, Colin has plans of his own for the sage, and they do not involve Julian!

Special Guest Stars: N’Bushe Wright, Bruce Campbell, Stacey Ann Chin

This television program has been rated TV-14 for intense violence, coarse language and non-traditional philosophies. Parents are strongly cautioned.

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