Like Platform Doublesuede

The gods of the plains are strict in their decisions. To cross them in little matters is a grave thing indeed and seldom done. Listen.

There are many rules for the plains, given by the gods. Rules for life, rules for death. Rules for sunrise and for sunset. The hours and the days no less than the years are regulated by the rules. The gods of the plains are wise even though strict. Their punishment is swift upon the offender.

Little are the demands of the plains gods, for not in fine temples do they measure their worth. In the constancy of days. Their rules are strict as gravity is strict and as simple.

One rule is never spoken. This. Have no gods but us, or have not us. Like all rules.

Down from the mountains to the west came younger gods. Wilder gods. Raised from the sky. Into the plains they came and spoke there. The people listened, and the plains gods. As gravity must be obeyed so must the gods of the plains.

Into the east they withdrew, and their glory that was the wind swirling from the north to the south with them.

No more to rule.