Wise Jamshid, second the king.
How great his wisdom!

Jamshid invented fire, a gift to man.
No longer must man fear the night!
In the tents there is laughter now.
Children dance the music of the bells.
How great the wisdom of Jamshid the king!

Jamshid, his royal nose affronted, invented bathing.
How sweet the streets under Jamshid!
No more the poxy plague, no more the festered boils.
Lovers breathe deep of each other in the wine-heady moonlight.
So wise was King Jamshid!

Upon the shore walked Jamshid-King.
Over the ocean went his crafty eye!
A clever ship of aromatic cedar he built.
Over the winedark sea he went, to foreign lands, to rude peoples.
Wise and daring the great King!

From shadowed lands returned Jamshid.
How full his arms with rare gems and strange beasts!
In the city, his mighty city, a store he built.
The strange, the beautiful, the rare, the wonderful, there he ordered sold.
Generous his noble spirit!

Into six classes Jamshid divided mankind.
Soldier, sailor, menders and makers,
Farmers, sages, and desert husbands,
whom it is unlawful to touch, and death to harm
And who shower blessings on the gentle and the generous.