From the Laestragonian Tourist Bureau


Here came the able man Odysseus and warm found the hospitality! Fertile is the land about the city! Soft the climate! Here stayed sixty sailors of that crew, safe within bosom of citizens. Safe refuge Telepylus offers for any shipwrecked seaman, clean beds and nourishing food. No complaints have ever been brought to Chamber of Commerce regarding fair-dealing businesses of Telepylans.

Deep is the harbour before the city! See the ancient stonework, mingle with the colourful citizens. King Antiphates always he greets the noble visitor. See how white his teeth, how warm his hands! He is a most doughty king. His fame is redolent. His daughters, fair maidens, they wait upon you, howsoever draggletail and down at the mouth you be! Well know they of hospitality. See now they want you to be a part of the family. In service is greatness!

Prices in this city here are very reasonable. Welcome is made for every visitor. Love from each Telepylan for vacationers, for eager scholars, for plenipotent ambassador.

For the sporting the fishing of Telepylus is like none other in the world. Here the largest fish swim. Here they break water and climb the boats in eagerness for being eaten. Here is where you belong!