Michael Toomey

“What is your name?”

“Michael Toomey.”

“You are how old?”

“22 as of July.”

“You have killed how many people?”

A hesitation.

“Ten men. Three women. Six children.”

“That is nineteen people?”


“In what various manners have you killed them?”

“Twelve by gunshot. Four by grenade. Two by stabbing with a knife.”

“That is only eighteen people.”

Another hesitation.

“One by strangulation.”

“In what manner strangled?”

“A length of packing wire wrapped around the throat. It was nighttime.”

“Feelings at the time?”

“Fear. Disgust. Anger.”

“You felt no hatred?”

“Not at the time. Afterwards… yes, a little.”

“At whom was your anger directed?”

“At no one particularly. At myself. At them. At the world, in general.”

“Yearly salary?”

“$18,000 per annum. Plus room and board and travel.”

“Over how many years?”

“Two and a half years.”

“That is $45,000.”

“If you say so.”

“By those figures the average human life is approximately $2,400.”

“If you say so. I am not good with numbers.”

“In what areas do you excel?”

“Animals like me. Dogs especially.”

“What are your ambitions?”

“Sleep. Enough to eat. Not having to walk anywhere. Solitude.”